Memory Care in Carmichael CA

Caring for a loved one with a memory-related illness can be overwhelming. At Oakmont Senior Living, we are dedicated to providing communities, tools, and resources to help you minimize any stress related to a memory-related diagnosis. One of the ways that we support families is with specialized memory care communities that offer help and support for the resident as well as their family members. When determining if a memory care community is right for your loved one, it is essential to first understand what a memory care community can provide. Once you have determined if a memory care community is the correct next step for your loved one, we recommend researching the benefits, amenities, and services of each community you are considering. Below is a brief guide to assist you in your search.

About Memory Care

Memory care is a specific type of senior living service that focuses on compassionately managing symptoms of memory-related illness. Memory care programs may slow the progression of dementia, including forgetfulness and a loss of social skills. Dementia is a category of age-related brain disorders that include Huntington’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Benefits of Memory Care Communities

Seniors suffering from memory loss may unintentionally put their personal safety at risk. For instance, an individual may forget how to accomplish daily tasks like cooking, cleaning, or navigating their surroundings in a safe manner. As these behavioral changes progress over time, personal safety and the safety of those around them may be compromised.

To ensure their safety and security, it is often necessary to work with licensed professionals. With thoughtful, 24-hour supervision seven days a week including emergency nursing care, families can proactively prevent accidents among seniors with memory loss and forgetfulness due to dementia. Memory care communities offer a social atmosphere and a caring environment. Residents engage in stimulating activities and connect with others who may be struggling with a memory-related diagnosis.

Memory Care Therapy and Services

Along with providing seniors with a safe place to call home, our memory care community in Carmichael is custom built with seniors’ needs in mind. We carefully select interior design colors and furniture to suit those who may respond more positively to warm colors and comfortable furniture. We also offer memory stations, where residents can engage with items and photos that may elicit memories of their past. Memory boxes, music therapy and a busy social calendar are important parts of our enrichment program. By working with a professional team of experts trained in memory-related illness among seniors, your loved one will get the best care available.

Traditions Memory Care Program

At Oakmont of Carmichael, our in-house memory care program is called Traditions. We provide a variety of activities and social opportunities for our residents, including physical fitness classes and brain games as well as tactile stimulation and musical performances. This type of stimulation is key to maintaining memory and social skills. Our Traditions program is designed to accommodate seniors at varying stages of dementia.

Tour Our Memory Care Community in Carmichael

As you begin looking for the perfect memory care community for your loved one, we highly recommend scheduling a tour with us. During the tour, you will be able to ask questions, get acquainted with our programs, and meet our team. We look forward to meeting you.