Assisted Living Residents in Carmichael CA

Transitioning to an assisted living community can be an overwhelming experience—but for the estimated 1 million Americans residing in such communities, the move can be extremely beneficial.

Is it time for you to consider an assisted living community? Perhaps you require only occasional help with certain activities of daily living, such as managing your medications, but you aren’t in need of the 24-hour nursing care you’d find in a skilled nursing facility. In this case, finding an assisted living community that offers compassionate care as well as enrichment opportunities could prove to be an effective solution.

Of the 30,200+ assisted living communities in the United States, which one is right for you? The team at our assisted living community in Carmichael will share helpful tips for finding a community that meets your needs while maximizing your independence, social life, health, and overall quality of living.

4 Things to Consider When Selecting an Assisted Living Community

1. Area
The first thing most people consider when exploring their options for assisted living is location. Where is the community located relative to family, loved ones, doctors and other healthcare providers? Is the assisted living community accessible to nearby attractions and places you enjoy?

For some people, traveling a little further to get to a higher quality community is well worth the extra mileage. Alternatively, you may be fortunate enough to find a good fit right in your own hometown.

Realize that rules and regulations governing assisted living communities differ from state to state. So depending on your level of assistance needs, you may or may not be the right candidate for communities in your area. Check out these “Fast Facts” from the National Center for Assisted Living to learn a bit more about senior living communities in your state.

2. Services
Does the assisted living community you’re considering offer extra services, amenities, and programs that are important to you? Examples include exercise classes, transportation, housekeeping, pet and art therapy, community outings, quality WiFi, hairdressers, programs for specific medical conditions (e.g., diabetes, Alzheimer’s), and of course—high quality food.

In addition to the day-to-day services provided, it’s also important to inquire about services that can help you transition to higher levels of care in the future. As people move through different stages of life, it’s normal to require more assistance as time goes on. Ask yourself (and the assisted living community): what may I need one, two, three years down the road? Can those needs be accommodated? For example, some assisted living communities are a part of larger campuses which also offer memory care, which helps streamline the transition process should you ever benefit from this enhanced level of care.

3. Size and Style
Are the apartment units inside the assisted living community updated and somewhere you could see yourself living comfortably? What is the accessibility of other areas within the community, such as dining hall and lounges? A simple tour of the community can answer many of your questions and help you get a feel for the environment.

How large is the community itself? Many residents and their family members rightly want to know what the staff-to-resident ratio is, as this can affect quality of care.

4. Costs
Whether you can afford to live in an assisted living community is a significant deciding factor for you and your loved ones. Most people who live in assisted living communities are paying out of pocket via options such as personal savings, home equity life insurance, long-term care insurance, veteran benefits, or some other combination of means.

The way you pay for services can vary—up front, by month, or in a tiered or a la carte method. If you qualify for Medicaid your choices may be more limited; an admissions representative at the assisted living community of your choice should be able to provide you with more helpful information.

Do you have additional questions? Contact our assisted living community in Carmichael to speak with our friendly team. We’d be happy to help you consider your retirement living options!